TiltnTwist, founded in 2007 by Robert Goodale and Trev Huxley, develops gesture-based mobile phone video games. TiltnTwist is committed to expanding the availability of gesture-controlled games from the iPhone to pretty much every type of mobile handset on the market. We believe that the power of gesture-controlled games on mobile devices is two-fold: the technology precludes the need for players to bother with the inconvenience and hassle of controlling action via small buttons on handsets; and it greatly enhances the "fun factor" by adding hand movements into the dynamics of game play. The New York-based studio released its first four mobile titles in November 2008, Zhu Zhu Pets, Snowboarding TNT, DropZone and DUI: The Long Drive Home.

Mr Goodale and musician David Bowie co-founded UltraStar Entertainment to create pay online communities for leading musical artists including David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who, Avril Lavigne, Sting, Tim McGraw, and Gloria Estefan. Clear Channel (now renamed Live Nation) acquired the company in 2006. Mr. Huxley co-founded Muze Inc., which created the leading entertainment product databases in the United States and was involved in a variety of international data standard efforts.

Mr. Huxley serves on the board of directors of Image Entertainment, a publicly traded company and The Center for Social and Emotional Education, a non-profit organization based in New York City. In addition he has been a consultant for a number of companies who need his digital media expertise including; Gracenote - which specializes in music recognition, content delivery, and database management and are the creators of the CDDB disc recognition service (recently acquired by SONY) and Major League Gaming - the premier sports league for video console gaming.

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