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Zhu Zhu Pets™

Roll around Zhu Zhu-Ville with your favorite Zhu Zhu Pet, Mr. Squiggles and his Adventure Ball! Tilt, twist and flick your way through miles and miles of madcap mazes helping Mr. Squiggles find the rest of his Zhu Zhu Pet friends. Along the way look out for sticky spider webs and gobs of goo that stop Mr. Squiggles in his tracks! Just flick your phone to break him free in search of his Zhu Zhu Pals!

Make sure to keep Mr. Squiggles properly fed with lots of veggies as needs to keep his power at the max to roll through all the levels connecting the Zhu Zhu Living Room, Zhu Zhu Garden, Cliff side, and Zhu Zhu Tube City. By simply tilting your phone you can send Mr. Squiggles rolling left or right, flicking him over traps and trouble and guiding him through to Zhu Zhu City and the amazing bonus levels! Collect goodies, find friends, keep Mr. Squiggles fed and happy in the wonderful world of Zhu Zhu Pets!"


  • Innovative gameplay uses camera controlled navigation on specified phones.
  • 3D graphics showcase advanced capabilities of VCAST phones.
  • The first game to truly exploit features unique to mobile phones.


  • Easy-to-Learn/Hard-to-Master, casual, one button gameplay hits all demographics.
  • Playfield features include switches, gates, targets, spinners, bumpers & drains!
  • Specified phones are featured with EyeMobile and VibeTonz

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