Available on
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AT&T Samsung BlackJack II
Samsung ACE
Samsung BlackJack
Samsung BlackJack II
Samsung i760
Verizon Samsung i760


AT&T Pantech Duo
Pantech Duo
Pantech PN-820

Coming Soon for More Phones


DropZone is an exhilarating, arcade skydiving game that uses innovative EyeMobile technology for an experience that can only be found on your Windows Mobile device.

Tilt and twist your handset to maneuver your skydiver through a series of rings linked throughout each of the 10 stages. Near the end of the stage, pull your chute and then guide your skydiver safely to the landing zone to earn bonus points.


  • Innovative gameplay uses camera controlled navigation on specified phones.
  • 3D graphics showcase advanced capabilities of VCAST phones.
  • The first game to truly exploit features unique to mobile phones.
  • Easy-to-Learn/Hard-to-Master, casual, one button gameplay hits all demographics.
  • Playfield features include switches, gates, targets, spinners, bumpers & drains!
  • Specified phones are featured with EyeMobile and VibeTonz

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