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D.U.I.: The Long Drive Home (Coming Soon)

Follow our "hero", Humphrey, through his night of debauchery and bring him home safely. Along the way, players will need to utilize the innovative EyeMobile technology to tilt and twist their way through a number of challenges such as getting the keys in the ignition, driving safely, and the dreaded field sobriety test, and making it into bed without waking Humphrey's angry wife Amy.

Find out if you're a lightweight or the TRUE drunken master with D.U.I.: The Long Drive Home.


  • Innovative gameplay uses camera controlled navigation on specified phones.
  • 3D graphics showcase advanced capabilities of VCAST phones.
  • The first game to truly exploit features unique to mobile phones.


  • Easy-to-Learn/Hard-to-Master, casual, one button gameplay hits all demographics.
  • Playfield features include switches, gates, targets, spinners, bumpers & drains!
  • Specified phones are featured with EyeMobile and VibeTonz

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